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As a full service digital agency one of the services we offer is website design and development. We focus on building our award winning sites in Umbraco, Sitefinity, Kentico and SiteCore content management systems. Choosing the right CMS is a topic for another day and another post.

Mobile first design is the process of designing a site for the mobile screen, then scaling up to tablets, desktops and beyond. When we design sites our process begins with a responsive prototype built in Axure by our Director of UX, Jason Rubero. Instead of delivering a full set of static images we now deliver a prototype that scales across devices and can include interactivity that works as if it’s a final build of your site.



By The Thorns Mobile First Design

Mobile First Design 

Phase 1 - The Smartphone View

Phones offer the least screen real estate, and yet they are outpacing the use of desktops because of their always-with-you convenience.  Focusing on the design from a smartphone viewpoint is the best way to ensure the design will be optimized for such a small, but important, device.  This optimization also accounts for the difference between touch-sensitive vs. mouse-based input devices.

Phase 2 - The Tablet View

Ensuring the design elements flow nicely across tablet views (both portrait and landscape) leads to a site that offers the best of both worlds:  A site that is mobile and touch-sensitive, while still having enough screen real estate to compete with desktop devices.

Phase 3 - The Desktop and Beyond

For maximum productivity, it’s hard to compete with the accuracy of a mouse and the much larger screen size of a desktop device.  As monitors get larger (and, in particular, wider) the design elements need to be optimized in order to take advantage of these benefits.

Phase 4 - Balancing the Views

The most challenging part of responsive, mobile-first, design is achieving a balanced look and feel across all devices.  This is increasingly important, as users are becoming more comfortable spreading tasks across all their devices.  This approach to balance responsive designs has two components: Aesthetics (the look) and Functionality (the feel).


Increasingly, your analytics are showing that more users are visiting your site on their mobile devices. Mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage and your site needs to be responsive. Fill out the form below or contact us today to learn more about responsive, mobile first design. We can help you upgrade your site to give your visitors the best experience, which will lead to increased conversions and revenue.

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